Interview: Hypnotized

Echotic chats to Brighton act, Hypnotized.


Who is Hypnotized?
A mishmash collective of friends and equipment, haphazardly trailblazing loud noises through the night.

If you could describe the sound of Hypnotized in 3 words what would it be?
That’s hard, whenever someone asks us what we sound like we have difficulty answering! Maybe: Noisy, psychedelic, electronic. Or Emotional, experimental, electro.

What/who are your influences?
Lots! Although we 3 have similar music taste, we do still come at it in different angles, musically speaking. Our first review got it quite spot on saying that our influences were given away in our appearance. Paul was the hip hop kid, I was the West Coast stoner and Robin a member of Animal Collective.
We’re influenced by a huge amount of genres that contrast through the decades; really into “krautrock”, hip hop, shoegaze, psych, early electronic, dance, 80s pop.
At the moment I’m really into 70s British DIY synth pop! I don’t know how some people can only listen to one ‘genre’, e.g if you’re in an indie rock band and you just listen to indie rock. It baffles me, I’d rather listen to a good mixtape than an album.
And as far as who our band/artist influences are: The Residents, Flying Lotus, Gang Gang Dance, Black Dice, Syd Barrett, the KLF.

You’re releasing a new EP early next year on Love Thy Neighbour. Is there anything else you can tell us about the release?
Yes, maybe! The artwork will be special! We are also releasing a remix EP of the tracks on the EP by friends of ours and bands that inspire us, which is really exciting, it’s sounding good so far! We will also have a big release party which will be free and great! I can’t tell you too much though.

What kinds of things inspire you during the songwriting process?
Anything; from natural to synthetic things. We try and get natural sounds out of hardware and electronics. I think our 2nd EP has a balance of natural and artificial sounds. It has a bit to do with our environment, if there wasn’t a beach here maybe it would all sound concrete like Cabaret Voltaire.
We went on the beach last year and recorded the waves and pebbles for our first EP, we’ve also recorded a conversation at a party that’s in our new one. We also sampled icebergs crashing for a beat. Inspiration can be anywhere.

What is your live set-up like?
I have a headache at the moment and thinking about this is giving me a double whammy. We use hardware, So Paul is on MPC1000, he’s also got a drum pad sampler thing. I’m (Robbie) on a Jaguar guitar with pedals “galore” as well as an old Casio MT-45, delayed vocals. Robin is on a big Microkorg bass, sp-404 sampler, Kaosspad3, pedals and a Japanese 8 step sequencer. (Robin should get sponsored by Korg, it would save us a lot of trouble). We run all of it through our own mixer. Okay so it’s not that much stuff.

If you could work/collaborate with anybody (dead or alive) who would it be?
Maybe I’m over thinking but probably a drummer would work best with us. My favourite drummers are Jaki Liebezeit from Can and Klaus Dinger from Neu!. One of them would be incredible to work with, although Dinger has gone. Maybe Delia Derbyshire on big electronics, Syd Barrett on guitar, Leibezeit on drums and George Harrison on vocals. That would be a good band to pretend to be in.

Are there any other acts/artists you recommend people check out?
Yes! Speak Galactic are one of our favourite local bands, everyone should check them out, their album Severed is amazing. There are a few other great Brighton bands worth noting! Dog In The Snow should be famous and DA-10 should too.

What are Hypnotized’s upcoming plans?
Well aside from the EP release with Love Thy Neighbour in February, we have videos on the way, a remix EP and collaborations to come. Many gigs, some DJ sets, lunchboxes etc.
We’re going the full hog until we get wives, split up as a band, and then move to Mexico to record a comeback album everyone loves, but secretly thinks we’re boring on the account of us selling out and getting married.
Can’t wait for that 4th studio album of rock in 2030, how futuristic could we sound? I don’t know if music will exist by then, I’d like us to become a function band and play a wedding in space around that time then. No Terrestrial squabbles!

[Helen Brown]


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