Review: Husky Rescue


Husky Rescue @ The Roundhouse (Ja Ja Ja Nordic Festival)

Getting to the Roundhouse during rush hour time was a nightmare, but I managed to make it just in time to see Husky Rescue perform as part of the two-day Nordic Music Affair.

Husky Rescue is a three piece Finnish band from Helsinki; the brains behind the operation being Marko Nyberg.
With the original vocalist ill and stuck back home, they managed to get together a stand-in vocalist for the night who performed exceptionally well, given the deadline.
Dressed in a sleek black dress, she gave off an eccentric Pagan vibe, hitting drums, playing guitar and dancing all over the place. Because this was the first time I’ve seen Husky Rescue play, it’s actually difficult to judge what the night would have been like if it was with their original vocalist Johanna Kalén.
With the basis of the music being electronic – with lots of programmed beats and synths – Husky Rescue also managed to delve into quite folky numbers, at one point urging the audience to clap their hands whilst singing, “So clap your hands together”, basically turning something unfashionable into something that could be deemed as okay to do. The energy of the performance was undeniable though, with the great use of different layers of synth sounds which kept the momentum up and running.
The sound at the Roundhouse was also brilliant. It emphasized the dynamics of songs without the hubbub of feedback and lack of clarity. A singer could whisper and you could still hear it, what bliss!
The set was half an hour shorter than it should have been so that left me wanting to experience so much more. It was just a taster of what could have been a stamp of a show (if only circumstances proved otherwise). I look forward to much more from Husky Rescue next time.



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