News: Real Swell



London chillwave act, Real Swell is the project of bedroom producer, Kris Lavin. Lavin didn’t bother with one cute demo on an overly vague Soundcloud page but instead went straight for the overly ambitious (and often overlooked) triple album. Releasing a mammoth 30-track collection of dreamy, understated, glo-fi diamonds in the rough.

The promising album, ’Suburban Fortress’, has no qualms about wearing a Trevor Powers influence on its sleeve, with a number of tracks sharing the same beautiful reverb lacing that made Youth Lagoon so successful. The first track, ‘No Place Like Home’, is incredible, with understated beauty blossoming throughout its short stay. Opening with a looping vocal sample before settling into a gentle synth groove, hazy and dreamy effects dip in and out of this short but sweet number. If you like Youth Lagoon, you will really like this.

Kris recently announced that he has joined up with Starttracker Records to release a Real Swell cassette next year but for the time being you can still download his triple albums worth of work for free from his Bandcamp.

[Tom Woodward]

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