Review: Lion Bark

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(Photo by Rob Orchard)

Lion Bark at The Hope 04/12/14

Stepping into The Hope for a night of music is always an impromptu risk, but thankfully Wednesday night was one that won out in the end.

The first band on was a 4-piece Brighton Folk/Bluegrass band called Paper Hawk. The result was a nice, decent set of tight-knit instrumental playing and harmonies; predictably pleasing and foot-stompingly twee.

The second band on was another new Brighton 5-piece band called Beautiful Boy. Again the result was simple, with a Killers-esque Americana-rock sound that was on form. Full of anthem tunes predictably bringing us to an attempted climactic end.

Finally Lion Bark, a relatively new 4-piece Brighton band took to the stage, and flew through their set, never stopping and enjoying every moment. Their perfect blend of sun-drenched, indie pop, combined with groovy basslines, inventive guitar riffs, drum-machine-esque real drums and Guy Bangham’s Sinatra-deep vocal power, creates just the right amount of originality and familiarity. Lion Bark played through singles ‘Two Prongs’ and ‘Longhorns’ as well as new unknown, just as well-crafted, numbers that will surely get their own releases.
The packed-out audience was extremely welcoming to the new band’s first ever headline show (and first show in a very long time) and demanded an encore; the band obliged and gave us a taster of their newest song called ‘Evil Days’.
Definitely look out for more Lion Bark in the New Year.

[Helen Brown]


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