Review: Esmerine


(Photo by Andrea Shamlou)

Esmerine at St. George’s Church, 06/12/13

It has been a long time since I stepped foot in a church for a music show. St. George’s Church, located in the heart of Kemptown in Brighton, was a perfect fit for the night’s multi-textural and illuminating show.

Support came from Brighton 3-piece Hypnotized who I have seen play many times. Topped off with lights from the Innerstrings Psychedelic Light Show – who use liquid and op-art projections, which they projected on to the acts and the hanging Jesus – the set blended the religious environment with psychedelic music and lights, creating a much-needed spiritual experience!

Soon after came headliners Esmerine, whose set was mainly comprised of music from the recent album Dalmak. Dalmark was inspired by their time in Istanbul, and with the combination of Western and Middle Eastern influences, Esmerine are able to create a unique blend and combination of sounds. From marimba to Turkish percussion of darbuka and darvul to cello and trumpet, the pieces Esmerine have come up with really do blur the lines between traditional music of distinct cultures. It’s a multi-cultural triumph and it was a huge pleasure to witness live. The performance highlights came from Hakan Vreskala, a Turkish musician Esmerine worked with in Istanbul. His skills on Turkish percussion and vocals was a delight, particularly when it was combined with the rest of the diverse instruments that supported his performance.

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[Helen Brown]


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