Interview: Sun Glitters


Echotic talks to Luxembourg-based chillwave artist Sun Glitters.

Who is Sun Glitters?
I’m Victor Ferreira producing under the moniker Sun Glitters and it’s my latest project I started in 2011, based in Luxembourg. After trying out loads of different sounds with my older project under the name “sug(r )cane” about approximately 12 years, I decided to change the whole identity; make something different and more concrete where I would also take care with the visual aspect and try to create a unique world around it.

If you could describe the sound of Sun Glitters in 3 words, what would it be?
It’s a melodic, emotional and glittering project.

What/who are your influences?
Lots of things… But after all it’s my every-day life – my lovely family, big collections of songs I’ve always listened to by artists/bands such as My Bloody Valentine, Boards Of Canada, Gold Panda just to name a few!

What kinds of things inspire you during the songwriting process?
When I’m producing new songs/sounds I’m not really thinking about a specific thing or influence, it’s just a moment that comes when I’m sitting down and starting to do something, seeing what comes out. It’s important to feel the moment to create something new! For example, I like to create when I’m travelling by train.

Is Sun Glitters a musical project that prefers seclusion or collaboration, why?
Sun Glitters is just me enjoying every second of my life with music. Maybe I could call it the soundtrack of my life!
It’s just when something that should happen, happens. I also like collaborations, they can bring something
new to my sound and to not always bore my fans with the same soup!
I think it’s being in the moment which decides what will happen to a track. Every time I tried to make something whilst thinking in advance as to what could be great to add to a song, things didn’t turn out really well. So now I decide to just go with the flow until it feels finished. This has always been the right method.

Could you describe what the Luxembourg music scene is like and how does (or doesn’t) it fit in with your music?
It’s difficult to talk about Luxembourg’s music scene. I can definitely say that it is a scene that is growing more and more and there are a bunch of great artists who have started to grow in exposure outside the country as well! I can name a few like Hal Flavin, Monophona (who I’ve toured with), Mutiny On The Bounty, Natas Loves You, Alvin & Lyle, Synthesis.
We have an export office, they make great work called Music:LX, where you can find most of those artists on their list.
They help Luxembourg’s music scene to gain exposure outside the country, but Luxembourg is still more a country for Rock music in my opinion. There aren’t that many electronic music lovers to build a proper electronic scene, at least not at the moment.
As I always say nobody is a prophet in his own country. However it’s okay with Sun Glitters for the moment, as I’m starting to have new fans in Luxembourg as well and that’s great!

What is your live set-up like?
My live setup is pretty simple at the moment… I have Ableton Live running in my laptop and I’m controlling everything with an APC20, UC-16, and for some things, an MPD18. Besides all this I use an iPad to send out several videos, for my projections. In Rome I also had the chance to make it an experience with Sara on stage, singing on some songs and it worked really well! So maybe live singing is something to work into the live shows too.

If you could work with anybody (dead or alive) who would it be and why?
I would love to collaborate with Kevin Shields from My Bloody Valentine and I would love to collaborate with Derwin
aka Gold Panda.
I’m also really happy with everyone I’ve already collaborated with as well! Especially with Steffaloo and Sara. I also want to mention that I really enjoyed the track I made with Sleep Party People, that was a great experience and a very special one!

Are there any other acts/artists you recommend people should check out?
That’s a very hard question!  I think if I started to mention them, the list would never end! I prefer to tell people to follow me on all my different pages where I regularly share new music from my favourite acts.

What is Sun Glitters’ upcoming plans?  
The most important thing at the moment is new album which will be released on Mush Records in January 2014! I also have some remixes I’m working on and playing live as much as I can.

[Helen  Brown]

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